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1. How well is Croatia connected through flights? Is yacht charter Croatia an easy to get vacation?
Croatia is closer than you probably originally thought it would be. If flying from USA, New York, you can usually catch about 6 hrs flight to London and from London about 2 hrs connecting flight to Split in Croatia. Sometimes you spend that much time even on flights within USA.


2. How close and accessible are motor yachts from Split Airport? Is charter Croatia well organized?
All of our motor yachts are located within 10-15 min ride from Split Airport. That makes it very easy to transfer to designated yacht and saves time and energy after your flight.


3. Will someone wait for me at the Split Airport?
If you are interested in arranging a transfer from airport to motor yacht Croatia, just mention that when making your reservation and our booking specialists will be more than happy to assist you.


4. What do I need to know before my yacht week Croatia vacation on motor yacht?
Our motor yachts have all necessary equipment, bed linen, towels and best of all –friendly, knowledgeable and helpful crew. You have to worry only about your clothing and medicines.
We do advise, however, to also pack few warmer and waterproof items for cooler nights as well as non-marking sport shoes for comfortable and safe moving on the yacht. Additionally, soft sided suitcases are far better and easier to store then hard sided ones, so keep in mind that practical packing will ensure even more space and comfortability on your Croatia yacht charter vacation.


5. When is the best time to book weekly yacht charter in Croatia?
Sooner you contact us, better chances you have to find exactly what you are looking for. Keep in mind that Croatia became one of the most popular destinations in Europe and is rapidly growing in nautical tourism field. Experienced travelers often book a year in advance. Early birds often get better deals and choices, so do not hesitate to contact us and ask about availability and options without obligation.


6. Do I need to obtain visa for yacht charter in Croatia?
Depends on the country you are coming from. Please check with your embassy about requirements. However, majority of travelers do not need any visas for such a short vacation time.


7. Are pets allowed on board?
Generally pets are not allowed on motor yachts. There is a potential danger of animal allergen remaining on board as well as potential sensitivity of animals on motion. Typically, animals are not used to such active cruising activities and can experience many problems like disorientation that can further result in unpleasant experience.


8. Can I use mobile phone charger on board? How well is mobile phone coverage on Adriatic cruise?
Yes, you can use your mobile phone charger while on board. You should have regular mobile coverage in most cruising areas.

9. What if I need assistance while chartering Croatia?

You can relax knowing you are with experienced, helpful and friendly crew members. Our hand picked team members and partners are years in the business and are very knowleadgable about the industry. Navigare Yacht Charter also has bilingual designated agent in Croatia, so you are a phone call away from getting the attention you deserve.

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