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Yacht Charter Croatia and Historical Treasure

Yacht Charter Croatia
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Yacht Charter Croatia and Historical Treasure, Charter Dalmatia

Remember yourself as a kid when you went to open your grandmas’ old box, when you would sit for hours watching vintage things that were so beautiful and talking, you could travel for a moment to the old times picturing life back then, with all its details, so special and neat, you wanted to be a part of it?

Croatia is just like that. Small, but unique; simple, yet very complex. With several different regions, it feels like there is something for everyone. The best thing of all is to realize that every little town or village has its own history, so vivid and unique, it is actually a discovery, even for people that live in Croatia whole of their lives.

Dating from 7th century, it is no wonder Croatia is so historically and culturally rich. With strong neighboring influence of Italy, Austria, Hungry, to name the few, Croatia is just like the grandma’s box, surprising, unique, attractive and magical. Whichever part of it you decide to explore while on your charter Croatia experience and whichever time period you decide to learn about, you will understand why it is almost impossible to describe in short what Croatia actually is.  Weather you talk about kitchen influence, clothing influence or cultural events and customs, you will be amazed by variety of details and passion for maintaining such a strong historical inheritance.  

So, Navigare Yacht Charter invites you to become a part of Croatian past and present, to be the kid and open the grandma box, discover the stories, experience this lovely country and take home with you gorgeous memories of the Mediterranean, as it once was. 

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