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Yacht Charter Croatia – “La Vita è Bella”

Yacht Charter Croatia
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Yacht Charter in Croatia is one of the most popular destinations in 2013. Is it a coincidence? Definitely not.

Many leaders through history were very much aware of the hidden treasure of Europe - Croatia. With its natural beauties so rich and peaceful, just like diamond, it shines, it is precious, it is magnetic, it brings joy to everyone that visits.

Croatia miraculously got lucky and spent years undiscovered within global travel organizations, avoiding high summer tourist traffic. However, even movie stars like Tom Cruise or singers like Beyoncé could not resist it. If you ever visit little hot spots like the island of Hvar in July and August, do not be surprised to find yourself surrounded with people you could only see on big screens. It seems they meet for brunch, lunch or dinner, enjoying the privacy and relaxed atmosphere of locals that allows them to be just what they are – humans.

When chartering Adriatic Sea by motor yacht or catamaran, it is so unusual to see all that show of luxury, mixed with natural and historical beauties of Croatia. It creates unique atmosphere, very interesting to observe, being just in the middle of it.  But simplicity is the best of all. One second you speak to a local man that just caught a fish, the next moment you speak to your favorite basketball player or your childhood actor from popular TV show.

And just when you thought to yourself, I’ve seen it all, that is actually the moment you realize the best is yet to come. Speaking to polite and helpful locals, you will start to discover all the details that are impossible to find in tourist brochures. Somehow you will find yourself having tasteful fresh coffee in the morning, listening to true stories of every little town or village, you will explore homemade unique organic food recipes, discover unique customs, uncover yourself within all the simplicity of life in Croatia.

So, what are you waiting for? You do not have to be a movie star, well connected or crazy rich to visit this gorgeous Mediterranean country. You can be a part of it, this very summer. Start your Croatian journey within yacht charter Croatia community. You will meet exceptional people and bring joyful experience to your life, proofing yourself once again world famous saying - “La vita è bella”.

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