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Yacht Charter Croatia Community discovers Croatian "Peka"

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Yacht Charter Croatia Community discovers Croatian Peka

During your enjoyable charter in Croatia, it is very possible you will hear about or, perhaps, you will get invited by locals to “peka”. You will realize very soon Croatians are very proud of “peka” and being invited to “peka” confirms you are very well accepted within community and you blended with customs of certain area.

So, what is “peka”? The “peka” is the best described as indirect roasting. It dates back all to the Bronze Age and it refers to a cast iron pan covered with a cast iron lid.  All of it is covered in hot coals insuring the food is roasted very slowly creating unbelievable taste full of its own juices and gorgeous homemade roasting smell. Even it may appear simple at first glance; preparing “peka” requires a great deal of experience and culinary skills.

The dishes itself are massive. The “peka” usually includes the meat of all kind, but the most popular would be lamb. With the meat, Croatians usually put potatoes, onions, seasonal vegetables. All of the food is usually sprinkled with salt and pepper as well as locally produced organic olive oil. The food is covered with a cast iron lid, which is then put into the coals. Besides meat, the popular combination for “peka”, especially at the islands, would be octopus with potatoes or some other combination of sea food.

If you are wondering where is the best to go and find “peka” while you cruise Adriatic coast, you should ask about local eatery called “konoba”.  “Konoba” has been known for using its own, locally produced food as well as using local recipes, which are considered a personal signature of local area.

So, when you arrive to this area of world, make sure you enrich your Croatia yacht charter escape with such particular culinary experience that will taste in your mouth for long time after your visit to this beautiful and unique country.

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