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The Beauties of Dalmatian Homes

Maria M.
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The Beauties of Dalmatian Homes

     If you ever get a chance to come and visit fabulous Croatia, you will not be able not to fall in love with cute, old style, stone made houses that Dalmatian coast offers together with gorgeous Mediterranean climate.

     When you visit small little towns, you will wonder did you enter perhaps some Mediterranean fairytale? The spirit and connection within these gorgeous handmade stone walls seems like from some Broadway play, where everything looks so beautiful and neat, you will instantly want to become a part of it.

     It is quite interesting to observe the lifestyle the inhabitants nurture. It is full of customs and historical connections to many century old cultures. Each little town usually has its own celebrations and/or festivals, that become very impressive during spring and summer time.

     One of the very valuable advantages of visiting Dalmatian coast via yacht charter option is that you are actually able to hop from town to town and island to island, without missing on these gorgeous, memorable events due to long time connections should you depend on ferryboats and their schedules.

     Navigare Yacht Charter LLC welcomes you this season to join this fabulous, unique world, where everyone around you makes a perfect fit into fairytale named Dalmatia :)

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