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Rent a Boat Split Croatia - How to Approach to a Yacht Rental Croatia? – 10 Initial Questions to Ask Yourself in 2019

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Yacht Rental Croatia

You've heard of stunning beauty of Croatia and you are considering a yacht charter in Croatia 2019? You have no idea where to start and all web pages are screaming to choose one of their vessels as the best offer.

It is not easy to navigate your vacation planning when visiting country for the first time or when you plan the brand new way of vacationing for yourself. So many new information, together with regulations and areas you have never visited before, could be overwhelming to the point you are reconsidering the idea of vacationing decision.  

Well, first things first. The solution is within you, so let's start with 10 important questions:

  1. First time booking a yacht charter in Croatia? - First Time Charterer vs. Seasoned Charterer

If this is your first time booking, it is probably the best idea to book through booking agent services. It is crucial to book with very knowledgeable and experienced agent, since a good agent will go an extra mile to approach to your needs carefully and plan your trip exceeding your expectations. Furthermore, with the right booking agent, you will be able to accommodate your extra desires or needs and you will be able to discover some very unique spots, often not mentioned in brochures or marketing materials. Asking for recommendations from charterers that have already booked is probably the best way to go, together with some on-line research of particular booking agent.

If this is not your first time booking, please think of anything you might have disliked last time and make sure you mention that to the booking agent and ask for new travel recommendations within approaching season. Even you have been to the area before, chartering Croatia is always discovering something new and beyond already discovered destinations.

       2. Knowledge of Croatia yacht charter area? - No Knowledge vs. Somewhat Knowledgeable vs. Very Knowledgeable

If you don't know much about Croatia, good news is that Internet is full of great information. If you don't know what exactly you are looking for, maybe it would be a good idea to check into travel forums and discuss the subject with the group of individuals that have already experienced boat charter in Croatia. Additionally, there are great travel magazines as well as travel on-line platforms, where discussions are always welcomed.

Maybe it is helpful to know that Croatia as well as Croatian tourism has won three prestigious American Travvy Awards for 2019.  - held at Gotham Hall in New York City.

Additionally, Croatian nautical tourism as well as nautical marinas in Croatia is receiving many awards and acknowledgments for contribution to growing nautical community and industry.

      3. How many passengers on yacht charter? - 4 vs. 6 vs. 8 vs. more than 8

How do you feel traveling with a small group of people staying on the vessel for a week together, often sharing smaller areas needed in an everyday life? Some charterers care enormously about the space and luxury, some not so much, considering the vessel only for resting time.

Some luxury yachts travelers can’t wait to spend their vacation time in active group sharing their moments constantly, learning from each other daily. Others are looking for combination of time alone and active time in a group.

Size of the vessel is crucial when determining the price range, so make sure you are really comfortable with your choices before booking a yacht in Croatia.

     4. Particular vacation dates or flexible? - Weekly Yacht Rental vs. Daily Yacht Rental

Weekly yacht rental in Croatia was, for a long period of time, the only solution through the high season.

With growing nautical tourism industry, Croatia yacht charter has been through significant changes in recent years. Finally, it is possible to find daily yacht charters in high season as well. Great advice is well known. Book as early as you can, since that is the way you get exactly the vessel you wish for.

Early booking also brings better discounts as well as gives you plenty of time to prepare for your charter in Croatia, stress free.

     5. Yacht rental Croatia price range? - Exact Price vs. Approximate Price

Some charterers budget exact amount they want to spend on yacht rental in Croatia. If you book early enough, you will most likely hit the desired price range. However, with minor flexibility in your price range, maybe you will really upgrade your altogether experience.

There are many situations where charterers pay attention strictly to the exact price amount, skipping the chance to really get better deal in regards to price vs. quality ratio, by not even giving the moment to consider the adjustment. Additionally, there are many cases when families are vacationing together sharing the cost, which brings additions to manageable difference.

Again, the right booking agent will have the details and you will be able to decide do details matter to you or not. So, give it a thought, since even small amounts adjustments do really make the difference, when booking Adriatic Sea cruise. Affordable family packages are often the most popular when experiencing Croatia charter on a fixed budget.

     6. Charter in Croatia Route? - Long Distance Route vs. Short Distance Route

Since Croatia has unbelievable long and rich coastline, with more than a thousand islands, you can only imagine long distance route and all discoveries you will make. However, keep in mind it could be better to do such a thing once you are a returning visitor, since you will catch the eye for all hidden possibilities of routes once you learn Croatia coastline.

If you have never visited Croatia before nor Dalmatian coast, there is very popular boat charter Split – boat charter Dubrovnik route. Aside of the fact you will be able to visit Split and Dubrovnik, both fabulous UNESCO world heritage cities, you will also be approximately one or two hours away from stunning islands of Brac, Hvar, Vis, Korcula and more. Therefore, it will leave you more time for actual relaxing time and enjoyment of local customs.

     7. Skipper or no skipper? - Skipper vs.  Passenger as Skipper

It is definitely recommended booking the yacht with a skipper, regardless of your experience. The skipper will ensure relaxing time for you and the possibility to discover places skippers do know very well and will be happy to share their knowledge with you. Not to mention that every season there are fires on boats and yachts and having professional skipper on boat will ensure professional help for all unpredictable events, which is crucial for you safety on any boat charter.

If you are truly an experienced sailor and are insisting on booking a bareboat option, it is a possibility, but keep in mind you will have to be certified and be able to handle all of required paperwork by you.

Additionally, it would be expected from you to know how to navigate through weather conditions, especially during windy times. It is not uncommon to read in the newspapers about charterers saved within Adriatic Sea, due to lack of knowledge about local weather conditions.

Information about license requirements in Croatia:


You can also learn more about charter agreement by reading MYBA agreement at the following link


Rent a boat Split Croatia

8.  Packing for travel completely? – Complete Packing vs. Partial Packing

Many times charterers overpack. It is so easy to forget the airline baggage allowances and probably you will want to buy that charming shirt or a dress, especially if it is unique local handmade production.

Being at the Dalmatian coast during summer time ensures enormous opportunities for local workshops in many areas, which usually results in bring home products as well.

So, yes, packing is important for comfortable experience leaving some space for local additions for your fashionable items. Pack light with minimum needed and do not forget Dalmatian coast is made of stone, with charming stone streets, so high heels are somewhat challenging in those conditions.

     9. Paying for expenses via card or wire transfer? - Card vs. Wire Transfer

It is common to pay for yacht charter in Croatia by bank wire transfer, usually 50% in the amount of the total charter fee to secure the reservation. The remaining balance of 50% plus the advance provisioning allowance (APA), taxes, delivery/redelivery fees, if applicable, and any other charges agreed on are usually due one month prior embarkation payable via bank wire transfer as well.

However, every company is having specific requirements in regards to billing options, so it is crucial to check the situation before the booking.

Payment requirements are another great reason to book through professional agents since booking with automatic booking options could leave you in a lack of detailed information. Again, make sure you understand exactly the billing requirements for every yacht before making any decisions.

     10. Luxury yacht charter Croatia expectations  - Big Expectations  vs. Open to New Experiences

Are you tired of everyday life and just want to enjoy quiet bay where you can hear the silence? Or you are one of curious people wanting to discover only new and something different each and every time you travel?

Both worlds should give you unforgettable memories, but keep in mind; you are the one who creates the itinerary. Booking agent as well as skipper, together with locals, can truly give you precious advice. However, it is you and your open heart who will enjoy if you really decide to let go of expectations and just let local culture and geographical beauties pure into your body and soul.

It is quite common to hear comments from travelers saying they saw TV shows and they expect this and that. It is great to inform yourself in advance, but don’t sign up for copy-paste experience you saw on TV or YouTube and similar channels. Every trip is different, every day of travel is different, and every social surrounding is different. So, open yourself to many little details while enjoying luxury yacht charter in Croatia, whether it is complete silence in the early morning during sunrise or phenomenal festival nearby you will attend, or some great meal you didn’t even know exists.

You should also consider national parks as the option to attach few days extra to your Croatia yacht charter experience, since many phenomenal discoveries in Croatia are one to two hours away from your home port. Plitvice Lakes National Park is probably one of the most popular itinerary attachments, since many travelers, after disembarkation in Split, happily continue towards such unique and stunning natural beauty.

However, there is also National Park Krka as well as rafting adventure at Cetina River. So many activities to choose from and are perfectly adding to your unforgettable memories while experiencing Croatia and Dalmatian coast.

Do not forget new discoveries within mainland, just half an hour away from the port, such as mountains of Kozjak and Mosor, offering great views and hiking trails. These magnificent mountains are so easy accessible that many charterers will combine a day or two to add beautiful mountains to the extraordinary experience at the Adriatic Sea.

Not to mention discovering food within Dalmatian coast; it is truly combination of Italian food with many other unique tastes coming from different historical times, but you will become familiar with great fish, oysters, meat , organic production of olive oil and gorgeous wines, which is proud tradition of every Dalmatian. 

If you are interested in some great music event, summer time is truly a paradise for music fans. Different festivals will definitely bring different tastes, but singing a cappella “klapa” style is traditional way of singing in Dalmatia, so make sure you do not skip such unique opportunity. Combining your yacht charter experience in Croatia with island hopping could tremendously enrich your yacht charter vacation, offering diversity by the hour.

Do you need more reasons to visit Croatia and treat yourself with gorgeous travel experience in reality? Do you need to watch more movies full of great sceneries or should you actually pick some of your own? Do you care to spend your time with people you love in relaxed and beautiful environment? Do you care to broaden your travel experience with some new unique additions?

New vacation, new country, new islands, new you.

Welcome to Croatia – the country of stunning yacht charter experience!

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