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Location of Croatia - The Pearl of Mediterranean

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Location of Croatia - The Pearl of Mediterranean

It may sound like a fairytale but Croatia has been really blessed with gifts of universe. Weather you wish to hike on mountains or walk the miles of beautiful rich agricultural fields, whether you would like to feel the magic of waterfalls or get lost in thousand of islands with treasures beaches, you can have it all, right here, in this small but precious country, with everything you would ever want to wish for.

With its horse shoe shaped look, it is no wonder you will feel lucky should you ever get a chance to explore stunning gifts Croatia can share with you and your family and friends. With seven national parks, crystal blue waters of gorgeous Adriatic Sea, cultural variety of every region full of historical heritage, you can be sure that visit to Croatia will be everything, but not predictable.

As being part of Europe, Croatia is very well connected and so accessible, weather you would like to come by plain, car, ship, train, even bicycle. Once within Croatia, you will touch the borders within few hours and you will realize how Europe is so close, but so different, it turns every trip to a real adventure.

Due to closeness to Italy and Greece, in recent years Croatia became hot spot for yacht charter community and is experiencing enormous attention from major travel industry organizations. You are still wondering why? Maybe it is time to find out yourself :)

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