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Life on Dalmatian Coast Off Season - Charter Croatia

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Life on Dalmatian Coast Off Season - Yacht Charter Croatia

So, the season has ended. What to do if you happen to stay longer and the buzz has moved somewhere else? Daily charter Croatia could just be what you were looking for. You can spend a day or two whether is the catamaran, motor yacht or a sailing boat trip.

There are so many people focused specifically to spend time on Dalmatian coast off season. Why? Well, why not? It is so charming once you realize this is the period local people have the time to pour into everyday life bringing enjoyment, summer stories, occasional swim, lovely dinner times, enjoyable concerts and all the quiet gatherings involving poetry, jewelry design, painting, handmade pottery, fishing and so much more.

Due to unbelievably beautiful scenery, there is so much to do while off season. Hiking on the beautiful Croatian island hills is so addictive, once you discover hikers enjoying together near the fire even they have met for the first time. It is so common for Croatian hikers to sing together sharing the home made food and their lifetime stories.

Making a friend between Croatians during off season is so easy. While you go to buy a piece of bread, or you shop in one of the small local shops full of unique goodies or you just walk through charming streets made of stone, while you enjoy delicious cup of coffee, which is also something Croatian people cherish as of great importance for blending into their local society.

What you will also discover, once you start talking to the locals and share your visiting experience, Croatian people will gladly invite you to their homemade lunch or to a birthday celebration. They will also show you their land where they produce their olive oil, their wines as well as lavender oil, just to name a few.

Organic and homemade produced food is something Croatians are very proud of and they should be. Once you try the richness of the taste, the fullness after great meal, the laughter along with great company and newborn friendships, you will mark the yacht charter Croatia off-season as a trip you would want to discover each and every time of your visit.

Welcome to daily charter Croatia for your next off-season discovery!

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