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Hvar - Yacht Charter Croatia Meeting Point

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Hvar -Yacht Charter Croatia

No, it is not “Pirates of the Caribbean” :) If you were ever part of Croatia Yacht Charter community, you have probably heard by now about world famous Hvar, the island that is just not coming off “The Most Popular Places to Visit List”. Within Yacht Charter Croatia community, besides Dubrovnik, it is the place you really want to be a part of during summer time. 

On the picture, you can see gorgeous sailing boat taking tourists to beautiful islands that surround the main island of Hvar. On additional picture, you can see beautiful luxury motor yacht approaching Hvar port, probably for lunch experience in one of local homemade food restaurants. It is quite interesting to observe all the communication that is going on within Hvar port between yacht owners, yacht crew and the whole yacht community. Very often, you will discover some of the very famous people mingling with locals in the middle of the day free of paparazzi, just with a hat paired with cool sunglasses. All of a sudden, they just become regular people; simple, even shy at the moments. 

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When you are in the middle of this awesome summer experience, you will see Hvar, so beautiful for its simplicity. It is so normal to enjoy tasteful coffee and observe local fisherman bringing fish that is still alive to the port. At the same time, expensive luxury motor yacht worth millions would be just next to the local small wooden fisherman boat. What a blending world!

The season has started, the festivals have started, the summer heat has started, crystal blue water swimming has started, fun has started, exploring has started. What are you waiting for?

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