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Donkey- A Friend During Hard Times

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Donkey- A Friend During Hard Times - Charter Dalmatia

Once you charter Croatia and become a part of yacht charter Croatia community, you will realize the big presence of donkey within Dalmatian region. Why donkey?

Well, donkey has shown the loyalty, the friendship, the major help when Croatia lived through tough times, often with not so many food, as parts of Dalmatian region were full of stone and hard to harvest land. 

Often the inhabitants had to go long distances to collect the woods, or bring some food to their little villages. Donkey was reliable, ready to work hard, where there were no roads and the journey was dangerous, full of obstacles. Donkey was considered precious part of every family.

Today we ride the modern cars, often forgetting that not so long ago life was simple and slow, full of customs and rituals. Even Croatia has become a part of global modern lifestyle too, it is beautiful to see that donkey has kept the place within inhabitants and you can still see people passing by with this beautiful animal.

Additionally, donkey is a very popular symbol of Mediterranean region. You will find it in sport symbols and many other signature events. In Croatia, every year there are donkey races that are part of many local festivals.

So, when chartering Croatia and cruising Adriatic coast, do not be surprised to see little monuments to this cute, but important animal. Make a friend with Croatian donkey and you will become a part of local community customs and events.

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