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Croatian “A Cappella” World – KLAPA

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Croatian “A Cappella” World – KLAPA

Have you ever wondered how does it sound to browse through Dalmatian streets, where somewhere in the distance you can hear perfect pitch fusion of voices offering harmony, pure beauty and very special distinctive sound?

If you are thinking now it must be something you have heard before, think again. I am almost positive you might have heard barber shop style singing, gospel a cappella singing, pop a cappella singing or some other version of it, but almost certainly you did not hear KLAPA.

What is “KLAPA”? Term “Klapa” in Croatia represents group of a cappella singers and would translate as “a group of friends”. It consists of a first tenor, a second tenor, a baritone and a bass. Apart of first tenor, within klapa it is possible to double all other voices. Klapa originates from littoral church singing and its main elements are harmony and melody. Rhythm in this style singing is rarely imperative.

While walking streets of Dalmatia, it is not unusual to hear klapa singing, very often over some good habitual food and wine. Traditionally, there were only male klapa groups. However, with popularity and through a cappella festivals, female klapa groups occur as well and are rapidly developing. However, male and female groups usually do not mix.

While you charter Croatia, it would be the best if you could visit “Festival of Dalmatian Klapas in Omis”, small town near Split. The festival itself is over forty years old and every year it brings secret folk treasure to surface.

In recent years klapa style a cappella singing is becoming recognized by international organizations like UNESCO. Being recognized for its uniqueness, klapa will represent Croatia at Eurovision Song Contest 2013. The picture of this blog shows a female vocal a cappella group “Klapa Cesarice”, which won numerous music awards for its purity in sound origin and has been nominated this very year again.

At the end, weather you decide to yacht charter in Croatia away from public in the middle of crystal blue waters of stunning Adriatic Sea or you decide to join numerous happenings on the coast, make sure you do spend some time discovering local klapa singers, that will insure your vacation rings in your ears long after your visit to this folk-rich country, very much admired within yacht charter community.

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