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Maria M.
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Maria M.

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Charter Croatia Blog

So, I have decided to start a blog. After all, there is so much to tell you about Croatia - The Gorgeous Hidden Pearl of Mediterranean.

As a person who grew up in Croatia and explored local secrets of every stone built, every beach hidden, every story spoken, I would like to share them with you and invite you to a journey of discovering centuries old beauty, a journey of bringing paradise into your life.

The first thing to mention about Croatia is that Croatia is very “romantic”. It is no wonder why so many couples decide to spend the honeymoon in this historical country, where every corner has its story to tell.

By spending some time in this beautiful Mediterranean region, you will start to feel the pure connection to the nature, to the time that seems to stop for a moment, to little old cities speaking the history every day and, finally, the culture, created by so many historical events, that it is no wonder Croatians are still discovering hidden treasures in almost every corner of this unique motherland at Adriatic Sea.

Welcome to my blog-where details build the signature of Croatia. :)

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