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Being a Part of Olive Oil Production while discovering Mediterranean Cruise

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Being a Part of Olive Oil Production - Luxury Yacht Charter Croatia

Production of homemade olive oil in Croatia is a two thousand years old tradition and an undivided part of locals living in Dalmatia.

You can enjoy yacht charter Mediterranean with a sightseeing of hundreds of thousands of olive trees, all nurtured by traditional care of Dalmatian people.

If you happen to be in Dalmatia during this time of the year, you can join the locals, while handpicking olives from the olive trees and then carefully transporting them to the local olive oil refinery.

While sailing in Croatia, what can be better than contribute to olive oil production by your gleefully work, enjoying great times with the residents of Dalmatia and finally enjoying exceptional olive oil quality and aroma which you have witnessed yourself?

This year, the gorgeous island of Brac was a host to the 1st World Championship in Olive Picking. What an amazing experience! Luxury yacht charter Croatia should include luxury of traditional culture as well, enriched with your own personal experience.

While chartering private motor yacht in Croatia and cruising Dalmatian islands, do not forget to dive into rich traditional festivals of locals and to bring open heart to new experiences, new friendships, new you.

Welcome to Adriatic Sea cruise  with new festivals on board!

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